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Visitor Management: Quick Tips for Secure Access Control

March 12, 2020

Secure Access ControlBusy office buildings often receive a lot of foot traffic with a wide variety of daily visitors, including business guests, contractors, potential new hires, employee family members, sales representatives, and customers.

Facility managers and security directors are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for both employees and visitors. Without preventative measures in effect, the prospect of workplace violence or nefarious intruders can arise at any time. Crimes against employees and visitors can be prevented when certain levels of security are put in place to reduce their likelihood.

A secure access control system coupled with visitor management technology will allow building managers to vet every visitor efficiently, documenting each person who enters and leaves the building. This post covers several quick tips to help you ensure a security access control system in your office building.

Take Steps To Confirm Each Visitor's Identify

When a visitor arrives at your property, it's essential to verify his or her identity in order to maintain a safe environment. Check for a valid driver's license, state ID or passport-- a business card should not be used for verification purposes, as fake cards can be created at will. Visitor management should take steps to verify and record (by writing down or logging into a database) critical pieces of information every time a visitor checks in.

Be sure to record their identity as well as the listed reason for their visitor. Unannounced walk-in visitors – whether they’re soliciting or inquiring about employment – should be denied access, as they pose a security risk to employees and other visitors. No visitor should be allowed to enter the building without confirmed answers to these questions.

Keep Track Of Changes

There are several instances that necessitate a change to your access control protocol. When employees leave the company, get promotions, or move departments, it's important to update their individual access control information.Additionally, a section of a company may change its operations and there is also the need to change access restriction. All the changes must be quickly entered into the control system to keep the facility operating adequately.

Regular reviews with access control manager are important in order to make sure the database is exact and it has the correct level of access. Taking time to conduct these reviews will save you considerable time and resources in the long run.

Research Third Party Integrations

Your office building can achieve new levels of security when you combine access control with other security efforts. Simply put, third-party integrations can drastically impact your building's security.

Today’s access control systems can be easily integrated with a wide range of complementary devices, such as intrusion alarms, video surveillance systems, and fire alarms. In order to make your installation process easier and more seamless, opt for systems that are built using an open architecture. That way, they will be easier to integrate and will provide a more fluid user experience.

Secure Access Control Data

Take time to review the security protecting the data used in your access control system. Today’s networked security technologies are particularly at risk, as hackers continuously develop new techniques to access and even take control of physical devices. It’s vital to properly secure any stored data on access control systems, including biometric information, user data, and usage logs, from both a logical and a physical standpoint.

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