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Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Business's Surveillance System

March 13, 2020

surveillance systemMost business owners know that security should be a top priority to protect their employees, property, and information. For this reason, most businesses have some sort of security system in place. However, many businesses have installed a security system ten years ago or more and never touched it again. If your business’s surveillance system is out of date, your business is still vulnerable to many different security threats. Check out this post for the top reasons to upgrade your business’s surveillance system today.

1. Take Advantage of New Technology

If your surveillance system hasn’t been updated in a while, you might be missing out on new features that can help protect your business. You might need cameras with better security footage or cameras that can rotate to follow moving objects on your property. If your alarms are not sufficient, you might consider new, more effective alarms. Newer security systems feature the ability to monitor surveillance footage remotely, which can be a very valuable asset to monitor your property and give you constant peace of mind. If your security system hasn’t been updated in a while, you should consider an update to make sure you’re taking advantage of all of the features available to you.

2. Improve Security Footage

The newer your surveillance cameras and security system are, the better your surveillance footage will be. Newer cameras are better quality and can provide a clearer picture that will help you better monitor your business on a day to day basis, and provide clear and accurate footage to authorities if an issue does arise. When upgrading your system, you might also find that your cameras can be better placed to cover more areas of your property. For the best coverage and best quality surveillance footage, you’ll need a fully updated security system.

3. Fix Holes in Your Security

Upgrading your security system is a great opportunity to fix any problems or holes in your security system. You might have parts of your building that are not covered by cameras. You could also be vulnerable to security breaches you are unaware of. When updating your security system, you should consider getting a security risk assessment. A professional security company will assess your current security system, identify any holes or errors in your system, and make suggestions for improvement. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your retail security system, you might be vulnerable to holes in your system that should be fixed.

4. Integrate All Security Features

When you update your security equipment, you have the ability to integrate all of your security technology into one system. You can integrate access control, video surveillance, and various types of alarms into one system. Access control will prevent intruders from entering the building, your cameras can keep track of who is coming in and out and what they are doing, and alarms can be activated when suspicious activity is spotted or an unauthorized visitor tries to enter the building. If your current security system is not integrated, you should consider an upgrade.

5. Protect Your Employees

One of the biggest advantages to having an up to date surveillance system in your business is that you and your employees will be protected. Advanced monitoring capabilities and an integrated security system will help keep intruders out and allow security to quickly spot, assess, and handle any potential security threats that arise. When your business is operating with the best possible security equipment, you and your employees can feel safe and secure during the work day.

6. Protect Your Business

In addition to protecting your personnel, an up to date surveillance system is the best protection you can give to your property, equipment, and information. Constant monitoring will allow you to spot any potential security risks. It can also help guard your business from false workers’ compensation claims, as the security footage can provide proof. With a quality surveillance system, you can spot any potential security threats as soon as they arise and handle them quickly, maintaining the security of your property.

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