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Could Your Business Benefit from a Security Risk Assessment?

July 24, 2020


If you run a business, the security of your information, staff and property are always a priority. But do you know if you’re taking all the proper precautions to keep your company safe? Alarms and video surveillance can help alert you of intruders, but there are many other ways your security could be at risk, such as cyber attacks and hacking. Conducting a security risk assessment can give you a professional look at how your company’s security system could be improved upon. If you want to learn more about how a security risk assessment can benefit your business, keep reading for more detail. 

What is a Security Risk Assessment? 

Most companies heavily rely on internet technologies to manage and store daily company information, which is why implementing good cyber hygiene is an important practice for all organizations. A security risk assessment involves detecting and alleviating possible security risks that could threaten an organization. The assessment will conduct anti virus updates, password policies, patch management, encryption strength and more in order to analyze the efficiency of an organization’s control. Security professionals running the assessment will then determine any present risk factors or vulnerabilities, and come up with a detailed solution for the organization on how to alleviate any issues. 

Benefits of a Security Risk Assessment

Identify Vulnerabilities

A security risk assessment can help analyze your company’s security measures for any weak areas that could be more easily attacked by hackers. If your business hasn’t had any security issues, you might think your current system is great, but professionals can detect these weaker areas to help prevent any future security breaches. 

Review your Security Controls

An assessment can help determine how efficient your current security controls are, and whether you need to upgrade them. If it is found that your controls need to be upgraded, your business will be able to take the necessary preventative measures to increase the effectiveness of your security controls, minimizing your risk levels. 


One of the most important benefits of a security risk assessment is to see if your organization meets industry related compliances. There are a number of compliance rules that are required for organizations, and failure to comply could lead to hefty fees. With the help of a professional assessment, your organization can ensure you meet compliance related requirements before they become an issue. 

Does Your Business Need a Security Risk Assessment? 

Many people who have functioning security systems don’t realize they can benefit from an assessment. Some possible indicators that you need a security risk assessment include: 

  • Grainy footage or poor video image
  • If your alarm system is hardwired 
  • You can’t easily expand your system
  • Your system doesn’t have remote monitoring capabilities 
  • You can’t tell when your system is down

If you’ve experienced any of these concerns with your current security system, then you should definitely consider having a security risk assessment. Having your security measures evaluated by a reputable security company can help you trouble-shoot any future risks and mitigate them before it’s too late. 

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