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4 Reasons Why You Should Install Video Surveillance in Your Workplace

October 14, 2019

There are a variety of reasons why a business owner may consider installing video surveillance in their workplace. Besides protecting both your company and employees, video surveillance can deter criminal activity, keep customer records, and stimulate productivity.

Video surveillance can even help businesses cut costs by reducing the number of security officers needed.


To Protect the Company

The main reason why video surveillance is installed in any workplace is to protect the company. Video surveillance can monitor any restricted areas or data centers with sensitive information. Security cameras can also help eliminate any vandalization or theft of company property, as just the presence of a video surveillance system can deter potential criminals.

Another way that video surveillance can protect the company is by documenting office events. In the unfortunate event of being involved in some type of lawsuit, video surveillance can provide companies with valuable evidence of exactly what happened in the office. For example, if an employee were to sue for being injured on the job, video surveillance would allow upper management to review how the accident occurred and whether or not the employee was properly following company safety rules.

To Protect Employees

Although most people think of video surveillance as just protecting the company, it can also help protect employees. Businesses that are located in unsafe areas can set up video cameras outside the building or in company parking lots to ensure that employees reach their vehicles safely. Video surveillance can also indirectly keep employees safe by monitoring each visitor who comes into the building so that any suspicious activity can be proactively investigated.

Video surveillance can also protect employees if any type of employee abuse or harassment happens to occur. In the event of an employee harassment case, video system records could be accessed to show instances of harassment that could be used as evidence against the antagonist.

Monitor Productivity

Another reason why business owners set up video surveillance is to increase employee productivity. By monitoring employee activity, you can determine which job performance areas your employees may need to improve upon. Maintenance employees can also use video cameras to detect equipment that either needs repair or is operating in an unsafe manner.

It has also been proven through numerous studies that employees tend to be more productive in workplaces that utilize video surveillance systems. Time wasting due to socializing at the workplace could even be cut by up to 80% through the implementation of video surveillance.

Keep Customer Records

Video Surveillance can also be used to maintain customer records, a feature especially useful in retail establishments. If a customer attempts to return an expensive item but is unable to find their receipt, then video surveillance records can be reviewed to determine whether the customer was in the store on the day they claimed and if they did purchase the item.

Video cameras can also come in handy in clarifying exchanges between clients and employees. If a client is seeking financial compensation for being poorly treated by an employee, surveillance footage can provide evidence either supporting or disproving their claim.

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