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7 Applications for Private Investigators

May 21, 2019

Private investigators are very useful for a wide variety of businesses and applications. When many people think of private investigators, they think of police work. However, private investigators can gather information for attorneys, businesses, and more. Not only can they gather evidence for court cases, but they can also assess threats, locate people and assets, and uncover hidden information. We’ve compiled a list of some of the main applications for private investigators.private investigator

1. Attorneys

Various types of attorneys can benefit from private investigators. PI’s can help gather information in both criminal and civil cases. They are highly trained to locate people who might be avoiding court and assets that individuals might be hiding. Private investigators can also re-interview witnesses to gather new details attorneys may have missed. They can also enforce judgment recovery in cases where individuals attempt to avoid paying judgment for damages. Private investigators are very valuable to attorneys because they can help uncover new information and lighten attorneys’ workload.

2. Landlords

Private investigators can be valuable to landlords because they can run credit reports and background checks on potential new tenants. Private investigators can help give landlords peace of mind that they are allowing a reliable tenant into their building. They can give landlords confidence that they are not putting their property or other tenants at risk. A landlord might also hire a private investigator to recovered owned rent. If someone moves out of the building without making payments or conceals their assets, a private investigator can help locate the person and the assets to make sure landlords recover what is owed.

3. Business Owners

There is a wide variety of uses that business owners have for private investigators. When considering partnering with an individual or a new company, private investigators can gather thorough research about your new potential partner. They can uncover information about your potential partner such as a criminal background that will help you determine whether the partner is reliable enough to go into business with. Private investigators can also help investigate the security of your business and evaluate any potential employees that could pose a risk to your company’s security.

4. Human Resources

In larger companies, human resources departments need to look into potential new employees. Private investigators can help human resources departments conduct extensive background checks for new hires. Background checks can help verify information on a resume, as this information is sometimes exaggerated or fabricated. Private investigators can help verify this information and ensure that new hires are reliable and do not pose a security or reliability risk to their new employer.

5. Insurance Claims Adjusters

Insurance claims adjusters can benefit from private investigators, especially those who specialize in investigating insurance claims. Private investigators can help investigate fraudulent claims regarding personal injury, product liability, workers’ compensation, healthcare, and other insurance issues. They can help insurance claims adjusters determine the validity of any claims in order to identify the fraudulent claims.

6. Property Owners

If you own a business, building, or other property, private investigators can help with your security. In the event of a trespassing or break in situation, private investigators can help get to the bottom of the problem. They can gather evidence and conduct surveillance both on your property and on any potential suspects. Private investigators can gather evidence to provide to the police to ensure that the perpetrators are caught and any stolen property is recovered.

7. Individuals

People in various types of businesses can benefit from private investigators, but individuals can use them as well. Private investigators can help individuals locate people, such as their birth parents, children put up for adoption, or other people that have been lost over the years. They can also help assess any potential threats that individuals pose. In situations such as online dating where individuals are meeting strangers, private investigators can perform a background check and ensure that they do not pose a threat. Private investigators are also valuable in investigating infidelity, allowing individuals to rest easy knowing they have the information they need

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