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USI Security Tips

5 Ways to Improve Your Company's Corporate Security Program

February 04, 2020

Corporate SecurityOwners and CEO’s alike understand the constant necessity for corporate growth. Nevertheless, the constant demand to evolve and stay competitive comes with its share of risk laden components. Meeting these new challenges requires companies to hire new employees, build customer data pools, or implement new technology, all of which utilize highly sensitive data.

In the age of technology data mining, hacking, and corporate breaches can be an all too common occurrence. So, rather than put your data at risk, here are five crucial tips for businesses to consider when building an effective corporate security plan.

Integration is Everything

As the owner of a business, it may be hard to make time for something like corporate security. Often companies will instead only train a select group of employees to fully understand and execute these systems. This then creates a major knowledge gap that impacts how policies are executed as a whole.

Be it the correct way to dispose of documentation, or the popularity of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) to work, continuity begins with ownership and only ends when it reaches the newly hired intern. Simple awareness from top to bottom can be enough to make an impact and prevent a major data leak.

Reward Fuels the Fire

Corporate cybersecurity awareness is a great strategy to lead with, but is easier said than done. Corporate policy seminars and training programs can be tedious and lack a strong participant engagement. More, this lack of interest translates to failed execution that can lead to breaches in your corporate security.

An easy way to remedy this issue is to create a reward system to accompany these programs. Be it a paid birthday off for attendance, or an extra vacation day for participation. These perks create a memorable and even enjoyable experience that employees are much more likely to recall.

Two Factor Authentication     

The front line of defense for corporate data lies squarely with employee username and passwords. Traditionally a strong password would be deterrent enough for hackers and data miners, but as technology grows more complex and more accessible this is no longer the case.

Two factor authentication or 2FA takes the log in process adding in one extra step. Rather than a standard login employees are required to verify their identify via a phone or tablet. A simple yet extremely effective solution, 2FA provides an extra layer of defense in turn repelling cyber threats before they amount to anything.

Secure External Servers       

Many companies have moved away from using standardized computers, instead letting employees bring their own devices. ‘Bring your own Device’ or (BYOD) gives employees access to their companies private networks, thus giving rise to some obvious concerns. Multiple devices logging in and out of the network provides hackers with multiple avenues of attack for one. Further, these devices can be lost or stolen causing even more problems.

Combat these issues with several different methods. Utilize one-time tokens that expire upon logging in, establish Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software, or provide certificate based cards that give access to the private network. BYOD can seem risky on the surface, but if the proper programs, security keys, and policies are in place there is no reason it cannot be a secure process.

Regularly Update and Test your Tech and Policies

Technology waits for no one, and with constant software updates it can be all too easy to fall behind on what’s current and what isn't. Updates and installations can be a time-consuming task, yet they are vital to keep your sensitive data safe.

As new versions of a program become available older editions become obsolete. This provides a back door into your company’s network, easily exploitable by hackers. Ransomware attacks, malware, and major data breaches are all extremely likely. Corporate security relies on updated software, without which it can be effective. 

United Security Incorporated | Custom Security Solutions       

With decades of experience in multiple industries we pride ourselves on our fully integrated and custom security solutions. Whether your business is in a warehouse or retail environment, you can be sure we will leave nothing to chance.

Protect the most important aspects of your business, and if you have concerns regarding corporate security consider reevaluating the risks. Let the experts take a closer look at what can be improved.          
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