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How Can a Private Investigator Help Me?

February 25, 2020

How Private Investigators Help People & Businesses

People from all walks of life call upon private investigators when a problem in their professional or personal lives seems to be out of their control. Perhaps there is rampant theft or suspected worker's compensation fraud in your business, or maybe your spouse has become distant enough to warrant concern, or maybe you feel that you are being stalked.

There is no "typical" problem that private investigator's face, and your problem, however large or small, is important as it is obviously causing you stress.

In this post, we discuss a brief list of tasks that a private investigator is trained to carry out to the highest degree. The truth is simple: each case we get is different and requires a nuanced approach, so it's difficult to describe the services a private investigator can offer.

Infidelity Investigations

Having to sleep at night not knowing if your spouse is engaging in nefarious behavior is painful. Private investigators help remediate these situations every day, as they work to discreetly discover facts and information. A private investigator can help uncover the truth so that you know for sure whether or not your spouse is guilty of infidelity.

Remember, there’s no evidence like photograph and video evidence from surveillance footage on your partner. Sometimes a PI may find that spouses are truly being faithful, while in other situations a private investigator unfortunately confirms a person’s fears; regardless, the peace of mind is invaluable.

Divorce & Child Custody Cases

Hiring a private investigator could help you remediate a divorce case. If you believe that your spouse has been deceitful or has been hiding assets, hiring a private investigator is a wise investment since they can access information that is difficult for the average person to access. Private investigators can also testify at court on your behalf and help you come of of the divorce on top (if the evidence is on your side, of course).

Similarly, private investigators can help you obtain custody of your child by determining and document which parent is truly caring for the child. Private investigators can gather evidence indicating which parent would be the best option for the child. Having a licensed private investigator testify on your behalf can hold a lot of weight in court and help you obtain custody of your child.

Before you hire someone, remember that a private investigator can help your attorney uncover evidence, if and when needed.

Getting To The Bottom of Insurance Fraud Claims

As you may know, insurance fraud occurs when a person commits an act with the intent to obtain a benefit that he or she is not otherwise entitled to. False insurance claims are filed with the goal of defrauding an insurance provides. These claims range from stretching the truth to committing intentional damages or injury.

Private investigators are well trained in determining the truth. Private investigators can break open an insurance fraud case if, for example, they were to catch an ‘injured’ person playing sports. There have even been some cases where our PIs have found living people who were pretending to be dead.

Private Investigators Can Help to Protect Your Small Business

It should come as no surprise that owning and managing a small business comes with a lot of responsibility (and stress)— private investigators can be quite helpful for solving a myriad of business-related problems. For instance, you can use a private investigator to vet the best possible employees and sure they get the most thorough background checks.

In this day and age, employers don’t want any surprises--and they no longer have to worry about the people they are hiring. Private investigators can also help small businesses protect against time card fraud and overtime pay abuses.

Investigating Stalkers

Every year hundreds of thousands of people are stalked in the United States. For people who believe they are being stalked, it’s essential to take action before the situation spirals out of control. Private investigators can help stop the threat and get stalkers prosecuted. In these cases, it’s imperative to also work in conjunction with law enforcement.

USI | Private Investigators in CT, NY, and MA

While many of us want to see the good in people, the world does have it's fair share of dishonest and fraudulent people. We recognize that there are situations that call for professional guidance and assistance when individuals and companies are concerned about the truth.

Whether our private investigators are working to help an attorney gather evidence, investigate investment scams or follow a suspected unfaithful spouse, our clients rely on us to minimize the risk and gather clear objective evidence. In today's world, it's definitely better to be safe than sorry, and get the facts.
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