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6 Ways to Improve Security in Your Apartment Building

May 10, 2018

If you’re a landlord or property manager of an apartment building, the security of your building is probably one of your biggest concerns. Strong security is the best way to protect your residents and your property. It will deter and even stop crime in your building. A good security system can also increase the value of your property and attract better residents to your building. Read below for some tips on improving the security in your apartment building.

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1. Install Lighting

A great way to promote the security of your building is to ensure that the outside of your building and any parking areas are well lit. You should consider installing lights, especially near entrances of your building. When these areas are highly visible at night, it will deter crime. It will be easy to stop and catch any criminals in the act and prevent break-ins in your building. Installing lighting is an easy and cost efficient method to ensure better security in your apartment building.

2. Have a Security Risk Assessment

A security risk assessment is the best way to improve security in your building. A professional from a security company will come in and assess your property. He will identify any vulnerable areas in your security system and make suggestions for improvement. A security risk assessment is the best way to figure out the best methods for improving the security in your building.

3. Install or Update Your Video Surveillance System

If you do not already have security cameras in your apartment building, you should install them. A surveillance system is a great way to deter crime and provide evidence of any issues to you and the police. If you already have a video surveillance system in your building, you should consider an upgrade. If you have a security risk assessment, your assessor can make suggestions for proper camera placement to ensure maximum visibility. You should have enough cameras to ensure that every part of your building is visible from your cameras.

4. Hire Security Officers

Security officers are a great way to promote security in your building and make your residents feel safer. You should consider having security officers by your entrances, in your lobby, or patrolling the building. Security officers can deter crime and react to any issues in your building in real time. They will ensure that criminal activity does not occur in your building. Security officers will also make residents feel more secure and give them someone to call that is more direct than the police if there is an issue in the building.

5. Install Access Control

Access control systems are a great way to add an extra later of security in your building. Residents can use keycards to get into the building, use the elevator, and even to enter their apartment buildings. Keycards are more difficult to duplicate than keys, adding an extra layer of security. It is also easy to turn on and off access of individual keycards if a tenant moves out. Access control systems can help prevent intruders from entering your building and add an extra layer of security to your building.

6. Encourage Community

One extremely efficient and cost-effective method to promote security in your apartment building is to encourage your residents to get to know their neighbors. You can consider holding community events that will encourage community or even simply posting signs and announcements that encourage residents to get to know one another. When your residents know each other, it will be much easier for them to spot suspicious activity and unwelcomed guests. Neighbors will be more vigilant and look out for one another. They will be more likely to notice someone who shouldn’t be there if they know the residents and will be more likely to care enough to report activity. A strong community in your apartment building will improve security and will not cost you anything extra.

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