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When Should Landlords Hire Private Investigators?

June 20, 2019

private investigatorPrivate investigators are very valuable in a variety of situations. They can help lawyers strengthen their cases, help insurance companies investigate fraud, and help individuals locate missing people or assets. Private investigators can also be very valuable for landlords of apartment buildings or complexes. They can help investigate new tenants and provide other services that can help landlords and property managers feel more confident about the safety of their property. Read below to learn about the different ways that landlords and property managers can benefit from hiring private investigators.


Investigating Potential Tenants

If you’re looking into new tenants, private investigators can provide you with the information you need to feel confident that you’re allowing safe, reliable people into your building or complex.

Credit Reports

Private investigators can conduct credit reports that will look into any potential tenants’ credit history, ensuring that they have a history of making owed payments. These credit reports will also give you insight into the potential tenants’ debt levels, giving you confidence that they will be able to afford your rent and make their payments on time.

Background Checks

Making payments on time is an important part of being a good tenant, but it’s equally important to verify that any potential tenant is a reliable and safe edition to the building or complex. Private investigators can conduct background checks on any potential clients to ensure that you’re not leaving your property or any other tenants at risk. A private investigator can find any past arrests or disputes that your potential tenant has been involved in and find out how these issues have been resolved. When allowing a new tenant into your building, a private investigator is one of the best ways you can ensure that they will not put your property or other tenants at risk.

Recovering Owed Rent

After a tenant moves out of your building or complex, it’s normal to cease contact with them. However, if your tenant moves out unexpectedly or moves out before paying the rest of their rent, you’ll need to locate them to recover what is owed. Private investigators are experts at finding and recovering people and assets, making them very valuable in recovering any owed rent. If you’re looking to recover owed rent from an old client and can’t seem to find them, a private investigator can help.

Investigating Break Ins and Theft

If a theft, break in, or other crime occurs on your property, a private investigator can often recover information that the police cannot. Private investigators can gather evidence and conduct surveillance both on your property and on any potential suspects. Whether the perpetrator is a tenant of yours, a guest, or a trespasser, a PI can investigate the issue. They can gather evidence to provide to the police to ensure that the perpetrators are caught and any stolen property is recovered.

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