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5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Access Control System

July 02, 2019

access controlAccess control systems are a great way to keep your business or property secure, granting and denying access to visitors and tracking entry. Although access control systems are a useful security measure, if your system is out of date, it might be doing more harm than good. Older systems have a tendency to break down or function improperly. Additionally, newer systems have additional technological features to keep your property more secure. If it’s been a while since you updated your access control system and you’re wondering if it’s time, look for the following signs.


1. Unauthorized Visitors

One of the top signs that it’s time to upgrade your access control system is that you’re experiencing break ins or seeing unauthorized visitors in your building. The top reason that business and property owners install access control systems is to keep unauthorized people out of their building. So, if your access control system isn’t doing its job, it’s time for an upgrade. Newer systems are equipped with more advanced technology that can track visitors and seal entryways as well as keycards that are more difficult to duplicate. If your access control system is still letting unauthorized visitors in, it might be time to upgrade to more advanced technology.

2. Frequent Breakdowns

Another important indicator that it’s time to upgrade your access control system is that your old system has been breaking down. If users are experiencing frequent errors such as rejecting authorized visitors, error messages, alarms, and needing to scan approved keycards multiple times, it’s time to upgrade your system. Newer technology will have fewer malfunctions and a streamlined process to fix any issues. Newer access control systems are also equipped with better technology that is designed to have fewer errors. If your current access control system is breaking down frequently and experiencing frequent errors, it’s time to upgrade your system.

3. Inability to Integrate

Older access control systems with less advanced technology will not have the ability to integrate with other security features in your building. However, newer technology allows for integration with your surveillance system, tracking visitors and sealing entryways when an intruder is detected. They can also integrate with fire detection and other alarm systems in your building. In an emergency, the system can unseal all exits and, in the event of another type of emergency, exits or entryways can be sealed. Lastly, in the event of unauthorized access, your alarms can sound. If your current access control system cannot integrate with your other security features, your building is not properly protected and it’s time for an upgrade.

4. Poor Tracking Abilities

One of the top features of access control systems is their ability to track who is coming in and out of your building. Granting and denying access is important, but your building is not properly protected if you can’t keep track of your visitors. It’s important to know where your employees are and when they typically enter and leave the building. It’s also important to know when visitors entered and left your building and where they went. In the event of an emergency or a security breach, the ability to track people’s movements is essential to keep everyone safe and catch any perpetrators. If your current system does not provide extensive tracking abilities, it might be time for an upgrade to keep your building protected.

5. No Remote Features

One newer feature of access control is remote access. Some access control systems send alerts and allow you to monitor access from your mobile device. Additionally, you can grant access to visitors remotely, if an employee forgets their keycard and you’re not around. Remote monitoring and access adds an extra layer of security to your building, as you are able to keep track of its security from anywhere. If your access control system does not include these remote features, you might consider an upgrade to better protect your building.

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