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5 Actionable Methods To Enhance Property Security

September 30, 2016

Equipping your property with the latest security tools can provide better efficiency for operation as well as simpler methods for employee use. You may feel the security you have is effective, however, there are several risks involved with outdated systems that your facility may not even be aware of. Commercial buildings and properties are susceptible to criminal activity and therefore need effective security solutions and to regulalry upgrade and enhance when on a consistent basis. It's essential to protect the occupants and various assets inside your building from any and all incidents that can occur. This article highlights a few of many elements that can enhance your property's security. 

Enhance Property Security

Install Security Surveillance Cameras 

It’s crucial to keep your property safe and secure to protect your business as commercial buildings are susceptible to criminal activity. For this reason, installing security surveillance cameras is often essential for securing a company’s assets. Security surveillance cameras are designed to detect and prevent your business from shoplifters and burglars, while also offering around-the-clock protection for your employees. 

If an incident were to occur, you'll benefit from obtaining the knowledge of what exactly occurred to remove the threat and take preventative measures to ensure the issue doesn't happen again. To provide optimal security, not only is the technology important but also how and where the security technology is used is essential to enhance property safety. Choosing strategic spots for security cameras will help provide comprehensive surveillance of the property and ensure that no corner is left uncovered that allows for criminal activity to occur.

Implement An Access Control System

Access control systems enhances security by limiting access to specific areas, ensuring that only authorized personnel are able to enter. Many larger businesses with multiple occupancy buildings can utilize access control systems for the operation of elevators, so that users can only send the lifts to the floors occupied by the company for which they work.

Additionally, access control can also factor in the time of day and day of the week, meaning that staff who have access to a building or an office during typical working hours can be barred entry at other times. This enhances security by controlling and monitoring who is going in and out of different areas of the property, whether that be just for a business's entry ways or for multiple sections of the property. In correlation with security surveillance cameras, the access control technology grants entry access and the cameras are able to detect and monitor all activity to better protect the business and personnel if an incident were to occur. 

Commercial Alarms And Detection

Don't forget the basic security technology such as fire and smoke detection as well as intrusion alarms. It's common for businesses to possess this type of security technology but often overlook the need to regularly test and renew. These systems are designed noise makers to prevent theft and alert as an early warning sign that something is wrong and immediate action needs to be taken.

While providing a high level of security and prevention, fire alarm and intrusion systems are also generally the most overlooked. Businesses inhabit several people on a daily basis and endure different environments that can affect the systems operability and reliability over time. Without properly testing and regularly inspecting the alarm systems you may not know how, or if, your system will function effectively until an emergency happens. This puts your property and personnel at an unnecessary risk. 

Security Officer Staffing 

Obtaining security technology such as cameras around the property as well as access control systems is important to keep your property and its patrons safe. However, some larger businesses and properties have to handle the reality that theft and other criminal activities can occur on the premises and therefore for security officers are the viable solution.

The presence of security officers give assurance to the property owner that the building, its patrons, staff and products will be protected. Security technology is important for prevention and evidence but also having security officers for high risk areas will not only deter criminal activity but also provide quick action if an incident were to occur. 

Safety And Security Consultation

An effective way to know if your property is applying the most efficient security technology is to utilize a safety and security consultation. The consultation should discuss and analyze each and every entry point, visitor access, hallway cameras as well as any area will benefit the property as you’ll know the sections needing improvement. Not only can you see what areas require an upgrade but also have the opportunity to learn about innovative security technology that advances property safety measurements altogether.

USI Security | Enhancing Property Security

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