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What Are the Common Security Mistakes That Business Owners Make?

July 03, 2019

security camerasMost business owners understand the importance of maintaining security. They want to protect their property, employees, and information. Despite the importance that many business owners place on security, they often make mistakes because they’re not sure what to prioritize. We’ve compiled a list of the top security mistakes that business owners make to help you avoid them and keep your property safe and secure.


Failing to Develop a Security Plan

One of the most common mistakes that business owners make is to fail to fully develop a security plan. You should clearly outline your security goals and make sure every goal and vulnerability has been addressed. It’s helpful to ask for the assistance of a professional security company when creating this plan. Often times, they will conduct a free security risk assessment, where they assess your property and make suggestions to establish or improve security measures. In addition to developing a security plan both for day to day and for emergencies, it’s important that everyone is well informed about the plan, including the owner and all employees. Without a clear security plan, your business can be left at risk.

Installing an Out of Date System

Another common mistake that business owners make with their security measures is failing to properly inform themselves about security systems. When business owners don’t have the most recent information about security systems, they end up spending thousands of dollars on out of date systems. If you’re not investing in the latest technology, you are not properly protecting your property. Therefore it’s important to do your research on the system you install and ask your security company for suggestions. Without a completely up to date system, you are leaving your property vulnerable to theft, break ins, and other threats.

Neglecting to Secure Important Areas

It’s important to protect your entire building, but there might be sections of your property in need of an extra layer of security. Certain rooms or areas might contain classified information or valuable equipment. You might want to seal off access to certain areas and only grant it to specific employees. In these cases, the most effective method of security is to install an access control system to monitor and control access in these areas. Neglecting to add this extra layer of security can leave important areas vulnerable.

Favoring Aesthetics Over Security

When thinking of their property, many business owners want an aesthetically appealing building with a nice landscape. Although this goal is valid, you should never sacrifice security for the sake of your building’s aesthetic. You will need to install security cameras to keep your building secure, particularly along the perimeter. Don’t skip out on this step, even if the cameras are highly visible, for the sake of your aesthetic, as your building could be at risk.

Failing to Integrate Your Security Measures

If you aren’t well informed about the latest security measures, you might not know that integration is a key factor in security. It’s important to integrate all of your security systems and features, such as integrating cameras and access control as well as both of these systems to any alert and alarm features you might have. When all of your different security measures are able to work together, you will have a more comprehensive system, leaving little room for security vulnerabilities. Therefore, failing to integrate your security systems can leave your business at risk.

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When it comes to the security of your building, it's best not to leave it up to chance. Be sure that you have made every effort possible to keep your property, employees, and visitors well protected. If you have any concerns, you should consider having your security measures evaluated by a reputable company.

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