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How do Security Officers Protect the Outside of a Shopping Mall?

September 26, 2017

Mall security officers can patrol the inside of a shopping mall in order to maintain order and deter theft. However, the benefits of hiring security officers in shopping malls do not end at the inside of the mall. Security officers can be a great asset to protect the outside of shopping malls from the parking area to the outside itself.

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Monitor Parking Areas

Mall security officers can monitor parking lots and parking garages in order to ensure safety and security of these areas. When security officers patrol and monitor these areas, car theft is significantly less likely to occur in a mall’s parking areas. Theft of items out of parked cars in these areas will be deterred as well. When security officers monitor these areas, they will deter theft and crime and be able to stop potential crime before it occurs.

Direct Traffic and Parking

During times of the year where shopping malls receive high traffic, especially during the holiday season, security officers can be instrumental in directing traffic and keeping the parking areas safe. When security officers direct traffic, they can prevent many potential accidents. They will also lessen potential road rage by making the navigation process more efficient. When parking areas are relatively full, security officers can direct patrons to open spaces to make the parking process more efficient and less stressful.

Patrol at Night

When security officers patrol a shopping mall’s property at night, you can be sure that the area is protected after hours. The presence of security officers alone will deter any sort of crime or break ins that could take place on your property. Additionally, if any sort of unfavorable activity is taking place outside the shopping mall such as vandalism, theft, or other illegal activity, a security officer will be highly trained to respond to the situation appropriately. Hiring security officers will ensure that your property will be properly protected after hours.

Operate Surveillance Equipment

Security officers are trained to operate and monitor surveillance equipment. Therefore, they can monitor the surveillance cameras that keep an eye on the outside of your property. Security officers will be able to watch for any trespassers or suspicious activity occurring outside your property. If there are any potential threats, security officers are trained to look for the signs and address the threat before it becomes an issue. When you hire security officers, you can be sure that highly trained individuals are operating your surveillance equipment in order to ensure safety and security of your property.

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Although it’s tempting to hire security officers as quickly as possible to protect your property, ultimately it will cost you more than it’s worth in the long term. Hiring unqualified security officers can damage your company’s reputation and financial livelihood, compromising security. It’s best to take your time and develop a hiring process that will help you get the high quality security officers that you need. In the end it is the only way to ensure your company’s long-term success.

Take a look at our “Security Officer Checklist” to ensure that you find the right officers to meet your building’s complex needs.

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