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Emerging Cybersecurity Threats to Watch Out For

November 11, 2019

With the increasingly rapid pace of technological advancements in the past decade, cybersecurity experts are worried about several different kinds of emerging technology could put people's online security at risk. If users are not aware of the vulnerabilities that these new technologies come with, they could leave themselves open to cyberattacks. Whether you are a business owner with sensitive information on your hard drives or just the type of person who values your privacy, here are some potential cyber threats to look out for.


"Deepfake" Technology

This type of technology uses AI to generate incredibly realistic audio and videos. As "deepfake" technology is becoming more advanced, cybersecurity experts are concerned that hackers could use this technology to manipulate people with phishing scams. These kinds of scams mostly involve hackers posing as someone else to get victims to hand over their passwords and other private information. However, experts are afraid that deepfake technology could also be used for other cybercriminal activities. For example, if a criminal wanted to manipulate stock prices, they could create a fake but incredibly realistic video of a CEO announcing their company is bankrupt. In the past, a scheme of this magnitude would have required an entire Hollywood special effects team, with developments in AI technology, anyone with a decent computer a powerful graphics card can pull it off.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing can harness the power of quantum physics to significantly increase processing power. Back in September, Google made the exciting announcement that they had built a functioning quantum computer. Although the technology is still in its incipient stage, many cybersecurity experts are concerned that the sheer processing power of quantum computers could eventually lead to cybercriminals using them to easily break through encryptions that are currently considered airtight.

Vulnerabilities in 5G networks

The next generation of wireless networks, 5G, will provide users with faster wireless internet and the bandwidth to support more devices. However, 5G technology could also leave networks vulnerable to hackers. Cybercriminals may be able to exploit the increased speed of 5G networks with DDoS attacks, which floods their victims' servers with traffic in an attempt to overwhelm them.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are software programs stored on a blockchain that are designed to automatically execute some form of digital asset exchange when the conditions encoded in them are met. Although this technology is still being developed, hackers are already finding flaws they can exploit to steal millions of dollars' worth of cryptocurrencies.

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