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5 Reasons to Hire Security Officers in Retail Stores

July 20, 2017

Retail stores and malls bring in masses of people of all types. People browsing around and making purchases can result in large crowds and significant foot traffic. With such a considerable amount of people to deal with, it’s important to keep all customers and employees safe. Private security officers can be a great way to protect your business and provide peace of mind. Here are the benefits of hiring security officers in retail stores and malls.

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1. Stopping Shoplifters

One of the biggest concerns in retail is shoplifting. With so many different products and customers in a store, it can be hard to keep track of every individual. Shoplifting can create huge monetary losses for a company. With security officers present, patrons are less likely to shoplift because of the increased likelihood of getting caught. If someone does try to shoplift, security officers are more likely to see the act and address the situation quickly. Security officers are a great way to deter shoplifters and ensure that they always get caught.

2. Improved Security

Shoplifting is not the only crime that can occur in a retail store. Security officers are highly trained to monitor an area for any suspicious activity. They can address any potential threats before they occur. Security officers are also trained in deescalating situations. Especially during peak retail times such as the holiday season, crowd control and de-escalation of altercations are crucial to keep a retail store running smoothly. Security officers are a great way to improve the overall security of your establishment and ensure that all customers and employees are safe.

3. Added Customer Service

When security officers are patrolling a retail store, they become part of the business. Customers will feel comfortable asking security officers for directions and other assistance they might need. At night, security officers can help escort customers to their vehicles to ensure that they arrive safely. Not only will security officers make your establishment safer, but it will make your customers feel more comfortable and improve their overall satisfaction with their experience.

4. Emergency Situation Response

Security officers are a great asset in the case of emergency situations. Although your store may have drills and certain protocols in place, it can be difficult for untrained individuals to react calmly in a high stress situation. Security officers are trained to maintain a level head in high-pressure situations and react quickly and appropriately. They are also an effective resource in providing instruction for all patrons of an establishment and ensuring that everyone remains calm and reacts appropriately.

5. Peace of Mind

In addition to improving your safety, hiring private security officers will give you peace of mind that your establishment is secure. Security officers are highly trained. Therefore, you can have complete confidence that they will handle any security situations appropriately. Security officers are well versed in handling security breeches, watching for suspicious activity, deescalating tense situations, responding to an emergency, and monitoring video surveillance. Hiring a private security officer rather than relying on your own employees for these purposes will ensure that these functions are carried out effectively.

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