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5 Quick Security Camera Placement Tips

September 07, 2017

Security Camera Placement tipsWhen you’re installing security cameras, the positioning of the cameras is paramount to receiving quality footage. To provide optimal security for your building, it’s important to look beyond the security technology and consider how the security technology will be implemented.

Choosing strategic spots for security cameras will ultimately help to provide comprehensive surveillance of your property, ensuring that no corner is left uncovered. With this in mind, we’ve gathered some tips to help you better understand where surveillance security cameras should be placed to enhance security and the overall safety of everyone on the property.

Integrate Both Visible and Hidden Cameras

When a burglar examines a business, her or she will first search for video cameras placed around the perimeter. While placing cameras in expected locations can help deter criminal activity, if they are not installed high off the ground, these cameras can be easily tampered with. If intruders notice cameras on the property, they may assume that they are the only cameras featured on the property. Thus, it’s beneficial to have hidden cameras that will help catch burglars even if they can disable visible cameras or move stealthily around the outside of the building.

Cover the Whole Perimeter

Positioning cameras at different angles and locations around the perimeter of your property can help provide 360-degree surveillance of all entrances and potential hiding places. If a would-be burglar is lurking outside the home, having cameras in multiple locations will help track his or her moves and provide evidence for the police if a report is filed.

Restricted Access & Secluded Areas

If your building features a door that requires a key card or entrance code, it’s important that you install a surveillance camera right outside this area. That way, you can monitor the comings and goings of your employees and reveal any attempts by unauthorized personnel to enter the room. Beyond restricted areas, it’s important to place security cameras in secluded outdoor areas like parking lots, alleyways, and dumpster pads. All of these areas open up the potential for harassment and assaults to take place. Keep your eyes peeled for suspicious behavior by installing cameras that deliver a live feed to your security office.

The Higher the Better

Obviously, if security cameras are placed within arms’ reach, there won’t be an issue for any vandal who is seeking to disable these cameras. Burglars have been known to spray paint lenses and cut wires to disable the video feed, effectively rendering the camera useless. So by installing equipment in high (and hard-to-reach) locations, you can deter robbers from tampering with the camera. Beyond this, higher placement will provide for wider surveillance range for each camera. You may want to consider angling cameras towards the front door and windows, as this will provide surveillance of common openings into the building.

That being said, you don't want to go overboard with height. It's only natural to feel the need to mount cameras at the highest point of your building to capture as much footage as possible. However, high aerial views will not give you a detailed shot for identification. This issue highlights the importance of balancing the effective range and number of cameras in a system.

Undergo A Building Risk Assessment

The best way to know if your property is applying the most effective security technology is to utilize a risk assessment of the of the entire commercial grounds. An assessment that analyzes each and every entry point, visitor access, hallway cameras, parking lots as well as the extra building areas will benefit the business as you’ll know the sections needing improvement. Not only can you see what areas require an upgrade but also have the opportunity to learn more about innovative security technology that advances your commercial property's safety measurements altogether.

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We know every client’s risks and business objectives are different requiring customized approaches, policies, procedures and requirements.

For 25 years we have brought peace of mind to our clients through the careful application of investigative talent and technology implementation. 

When it comes to the security of your building, it's best not to leave it up to chance. Be sure that you have made every effort possible to keep your property, employees, and visitors well protected. If you have any concerns, you should consider having your security measures evaluated by a reputable company.
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