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5 Advantages of Security Systems in Schools

February 08, 2018

In recent years, it’s become increasingly important to maintain safety and security in schools. One way to promote security in schools is to install security systems. Integrated security systems that include access control can help keep schools secure and students and faculty safe. Here are some of the advantages of installing security systems in schools.

security systems in schools

1. Access Control

Access control systems will help restrict access to the school, ensuring that unauthorized visitors do not enter the building. Access control automatically locks all entrances; only allowing authorized individuals to enter. Students and faculty will feel a sense of security knowing that intruders cannot enter the building. Access control can help prevent risks of unauthorized individuals such as shooters, predators, or criminals from entering the building.

2. Crime Deterrent

The presence of security cameras in schools will deter students or other individuals from committing crimes. Individuals will be less likely to commit acts such as vandalism, theft, and trespassing if these acts will be caught on camera. In the event that these issues do occur, surveillance cameras will provide the evidence you need to catch the criminal and act accordingly.

3. Emergency Response

Your security system can be integrated with your fire alarm and other emergency systems you have in place. The combination of a security system and emergency systems will create the ultimate system for the fastest possible emergency response. Cameras will provide the person monitoring them with immediate knowledge of an emergency. An alert and instructions can then be quickly administered, ensuring the best possible outcome.

4. Parking Lot Monitoring

Security cameras will not only be an effective way to monitor the building, but they will monitor the parking lot as well. Parking lots of schools are often an area where students break rules or misbehave. Security cameras posted in parking lots will be an effective deterrent for these activities. They will also help deter break ins and theft that might occur while staff and students’ cars are unattended all day. Security cameras are a great way to keep and eye on the school parking lot in order to stop and deter unwanted activity.

5. Evidence Gathering

One of the most important benefits of security cameras is their ability to gather evidence. If an issue occurs at school, whether it’s theft, vandalism, bullying, or something else, security cameras can provide the evidence. Having footage of incidents that occur can help administrators get the whole picture of what happened and give them confidence that they have the knowledge to handle the situation appropriately. Schools will no longer resolve conflicts without unbiased evidence of events.

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