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Is Your Building at Risk for Unauthorized Access?

February 11, 2019

accessWhen your building isn’t secure, your employees, clients, property, and information are all at risk. For this reason, most businesses place security high on their priority list. One of the security risks that many businesses face is unauthorized access. Although many businesses believe an Access Control System alleviates this issue, your building could still be at risk. We’ve compiled a list of methods by which unauthorized visitors can gain access to your building and what you can do about them.


Methods of Unauthorized Entry


The idea of tailgating is when an unauthorized visitor follows behind a person or group of people who are granted access to the building. Especially in a large group, it can be easy for an unauthorized visitor to go unnoticed.

Propping Open Doors

There are various reasons why employees and others might prop open the doors of your building. During a smoke break, employees might keep the door propped open to enter back through easily. People also prop open doors when moving multiple trips’ worth of items in or out of the building. In all of these cases, unauthorized visitors can enter through the propped open door.

Lost, Stolen, or Loaned Keys

If you use keys or keycards to enter your building, these keys can be lost, stolen, or loaned out. Similarly, if you have keypads with passwords, these can be given out to unauthorized people or simply guessed. The result of these actions can often be an unauthorized person taking possession of the key or keycard, granting them access to your building with the very tool you use for security.

Duplicated Access Cards

If your building has access control keycards, there is the possibility that they can be duplicated. Fortunately, duplication is extremely difficult with more advanced access control systems. However, if you have an older access control system, an unauthorized visitor could duplicate a keycard and gain access.

Levering Doors

The above methods of entry are relatively harmless, but unauthorized visitors can also enter your building through strictly criminals means. People can lever open doors with screwdrivers, crowbars, and other tools as well as smashing any glass in your door.


Employee Communication

One of the best ways to prevent unauthorized entry to your building is to remind your employees of security protocol. Remind them of the risks of keeping a door propped open, failing to keep track of their keys, or holding the door open for someone they don’t know. When your employees pay attention to security protocol, many of these risks can be alleviated.

Access Control

If you don’t have an access control system or have an outdated one, it might be time for a modern access control system. Not only will access control restrict access to allow only the visitors you approve, (only at the time of day you approve it) but it will also help you keep track of who is entering and exiting your building, and where and when they enter or exit. With this information, you can keep your building safe and look out for issues such as duplicated access cards.

Alarm Systems

Alarms are a great way to keep your building safe. When hooked up to access control, alarms can sound when unauthorized visitors enter your building. Alerts can then be sent to your security team, the police, or both to ensure that the problem is dealt with quickly and appropriately.

Video Surveillance

When you install security cameras in your building, you have the opportunity to monitor your property to keep it protected. You can monitor all entrances and exits to keep an eye out for suspicious activity and unauthorized visitors. When your security team is watching for these issues, they will be able to react quickly if an unauthorized visitors attempts to gain access to your building to stop them.

Security Officers

Security officers can add an extra layer of security to any building. Posting security officers at the entrances of your building will keep unauthorized visitors out, as they will keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Your security officers will also get to know the people in your building, allowing them to immediately spot new faces and investigate. Lastly, the presence of security officers will deter criminals from attempting to illegally gain entry to your building, out of fear of getting caught.

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