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Does My Business Need to Hire a Corporate Security Company?

December 18, 2019

There are a variety of reasons why a company may need to make some changes to their business security. Although some security upgrades can be handled in-house, only a corporate security company has the resources and expertise to put an extensive plan in place to protect your business. Here are some of the most common signs that your company should hire a corporate security company.Hire a corporate security company

Your Company is Expanding

Congratulations! Your Business is growing in both revenue and size. However, this means you probably need to do some restructuring. Taking on more employees and finding new office buildings can be a handful, and this transition phase can leave your company vulnerable to security threats. Hiring a corporate security company during this period of growth can help you expand your operations smoothly and securely.

Corporate security companies can send over security officers equipped with extensive training to preform an on-site evaluation of any new potential offices. These evaluations include a review of building security, threat and risk assessment, and an analysis of crime data near your new office. Corporate security companies can also help with the process of selecting new employees. They have the resources and experience to evaluate potential employees based off of:

  • Application reviews
  • Reference checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Communication skills reviews
  • Third-party drug screenings
  • Site compatibility assessments
  • Their aptitude for the position

Increased Levels of Crime in Your Area

If you have noticed an uptick of crime in the area around your office, you should probably consider hiring a corporate security company. Corporate security companies can provide your business with a rooster of highly-trained security officers to protect your office and employees. They can also set up security cameras and alarm systems and in your workplace to help deter criminal activity.

You Have Been Having Issues With Theft

Thieves aren't always strangers. Employee theft costs U.S. businesses approximately $50 billion each year. If you have noticed more and more workplace resources are missing, one of the employees or vendors in your building may have sticky fingers. Corporate security companies can help you catch thieves in the act by installing surveillance systems or setting up security guards patrols in your building.

Your Company is Worried About Protecting Sensitive Information

Nowadays, almost all companies store their most important data digitally. If your information is not secure, it could leave your company vulnerable to corporate espionage or cyber attacks. Corporate security companies can help protect your sensitive information through:

  • Computer security training programs
  • Social networking sites training programs
  • System planning and CAD design
  • Turnkey system installation
  • Access control systems
  • Central station monitoring
  • Data network infrastructure

United Security Incorporated | Security For Businesses

At USI Integrated Solutions, we bring together a highly experienced team, keen strategic planning and in-depth understanding of the leading technologies in the field. For over 27 years we have brought peace of mind to our clients through the careful application of investigative talent and technology implementation. When it comes to the security of your building, it's best not to leave it up to chance. Be sure that you have made every effort possible to keep your property, employees, and visitors well protected. If you have any concerns, you should consider having your security measures evaluated by a reputable company.

At USI our security assessments provide these answers and many others that are pertinent to security technology and your building.New Call-to-action

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