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How Can Divorce Attorneys Use Private Investigators?

December 27, 2018

Private investigators can be very useful for attorneys of all types. They can perform research that attorneys might not have time for and gather important evidence. Private investigators are particularly useful for divorce attorneys, as they can be instrumental in gathering important evidence for divorce cases. We’ve compiled a list of the top things that private investigators can do to help divorce attorneys build a more effective case.private investigator for attorney

Locating Assets

During divorce proceedings, knowing all of each party’s assets is crucial to a fair settlement. However, often times parties will attempt to conceal their assets to avoid having them taken into account. Private investigators can be very useful when it comes to this issue. They are experts at conducting research to locate assets that people have gone to great lengths to conceal. If you want to locate these assets to create the fairest possible settlement for your client, a private investigator can help.

Digital Research

It’s a private investigator’s job to be up to date on the latest technology. PI’s are also highly trained in performing digital research, looking in to people’s digital history and social media accounts. Private investigators can also perform detailed background checks, finding out information that others might miss. This information can be crucial in a divorce case to learn about any transgressions throughout the marriage. PI’s can uncover infidelity, hidden assets, and other important details that can be crucial in a divorce settlement. To make sure no stone goes unturned, contact a private investigator to conduct digital research for your divorce case.

Discovering Infidelity and Other Transgressions

Private investigators have the time and ability to look into the digital past of parties in a divroce case. However, digital research isn’t the only way that private investigators are able to discover infidelity and other transgressions. They can also follow people, discovering habits and transgressions parties are attempting to hide. Private investigators are highly trained to conduct useful interviews with people close to parties in question, allowing them to gain insight into the opposing party’s transgressions and discover new information that attorneys might not be aware of. PI’s can also re-interview people that an attorney has already interviewed to discover new information an attorney might miss. 

Locating People

Sometimes people can go missing before divorce hearings. If a party is afraid the hearing might not go their way, they might leave town or go into hiding to avoid attending the hearing and dealing with the judge’s ruling. If this happens, private investigators can be very useful, as they are highly skilled in locating people who don’t want to be found. Through various research techniques both analogue and digital and operations such as surveillance and tailing, private investigators are able to locate the people who don’t want to be found, allowing divorce court to proceed as scheduled.

Recovering Payments

After the court case has been closed, there are still problems that can occur. Unfortunately, there are times when parties do not want to pay alimony, child support, or other payments agreed upon during the divorce. Private investigators can be very useful in ensuring that these payments are made. If the person can’t be found, a PI can locate them. If they are concealing their assets to avoid payment, a PI can find them. If they simply refuse to pay, a private investigator can help ensure that their payments are made. If your divorce clients need help recovering owed payments, a private investigator can help.


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