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Does Your Business Need a Security Risk Assessment?

January 04, 2019

The New Year is the perfect time to take control of your business’s security. If you’re looking to make improvements in your business’s security, a security risk assessment is a great place to start. This assessment can help you identify areas in need of improvement and develop a plan for success. If you’re interested in a security risk assessment, we’ve compiled the information you need to know.


What is a Security Risk Assessment?

When you schedule a security risk assessment, a professional from a security company will come to your property and look at your security system. He or she will explore your entire property and evaluate your current security measures. He will also identify any areas that are particularly vulnerable to security threats as well as areas in need of security improvements. Your evaluator will then make suggestions for improvements and generate a report with a full evaluation and all possible improvements. He can also help you find the best placement for your surveillance cameras to ensure that every part of your property is being monitored. 

What are the Benefits?

Prevent Security Breaches

Even if you’ve never had security problems, a risk assessment is a great way to predict your likelihood of having one. Specialists will identify all possible security risks and address them accordingly. When all of your risks have been taken care of, you stand a good chance of preventing any future security breaches. 

Improve Your Current System

You might think that you have a great security system, but it’s hard to know what aspects can be improved on. Our experts will come in and work with your staff to identify problem areas and points of weakness. The collaboration between our staff and yours will result in a more effective security system that will cover more ground and help keep your building secure.

Identify Ideal CCTV System Placement

One of the benefits of bringing in the experts is their ability to identify the best spots for your surveillance equipment. They will provide you with useful tips on proper placement such as ensuring cameras are both hidden and visible, they are placed at a higher location, and they cover all entry points. Experts will work with your staff to identify the best place for your cameras to maximize visibility and coverage of your security system to improve your property’s overall security.

What Can a Security Risk Assessment Improve?

After your assessment, you will receive recommendations for security measures you can take for improvement. Some of common elements to physical security systems that may be recommended include:

  • Video (cameras, CCTVs, monitors, and encoders)
  • Access controls (gates, sensors, doors and locks, panels, alarms, and biometrics)
  • Communications (WAN/LAN and phone lines)
  • Padlocks and keys
  • Roofs, rooms, and other safety areas
  • Security guards

These various elements will help improve the security of your property. When used in accordance with a specialist’s recommendation, your property will be more safe and secure than ever before.

Who Can Benefit From a Security Risk Assessment?

Almost every type of establishment can benefit from a security risk assessment. However, there are certain types of establishments that are in need of extra security measures. These types of establishments can benefit from a security risk assessment to reduce security vulnerabilities and improve their overall security.

Shopping Centers/Retail Establishments

Larger shopping centers can be difficult to keep secure because there is a large volume of unidentified people coming in and out of a large area. In addition to the challenges of monitoring people’s actions, retail establishments are particularly vulnerable to theft. A security risk assessment can provide suggestions to help reduce the threat of these issues and security vulnerabilities.


Much like shopping centers, hospitals also have a large volume of unidentified people coming in and out of a large area. Hospitals are often sites of violent outbursts as well. Additionally, they are vulnerable to theft because of the large quantity of unmonitored valuable equipment. A security risk assessment will help you create a plan to prevent theft and security breaches as well as placing security cameras to ensure that every area of the hospital is monitored.


Both colleges and grade schools can benefit from a security risk assessment. Colleges have open campuses that are highly vulnerable to threats and security breaches. In this day and age, people are always looking for ways to keep grade schools more secure. In both of these situations, a security risk assessment will make appropriate suggestions to maximize the security of the school.

Construction Sites

Construction sites are often vulnerable to theft of expensive equipment, trespassing, and vandalism at night. If your construction project is a long term one, a security risk assessment is a good idea to reduce these threats as much as possible. A security company can come up with the lowest cost solutions that will maximize the security of your construction site.


Hotels often need extra layers of security to help keep guests and employees safe. Because it can be difficult to identify guests from trespassers, hotels are often vulnerable to security breaches and other threats. A security risk assessment can help hotel owners and managers identify the vulnerabilities in the hotel and make appropriate adjustments in order to promote security.

Does Your Business Need a Security Risk Assessment?

If you don’t have any sort of security system in place, it’s clear you can benefit from assessment. However, many people who already have security systems do not realize that they could still benefit from an assessment. If you have grainy footage or are struggling to see images on your system, an assessment can help. If you can’t tell when your system is down, it’s another major warning sign. 

If your alarm system is hardwired or you can’t easily expand your system, it’s time for an upgrade. Additionally, if your system does not have any remote monitoring capabilities, you can benefit from an assessment. The assessment will help you understand the way your system currently functions and the improvements that can be made. It’s important to have a properly functioning system to ensure as much safety and security as possible.


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